By Andrew Morrison

“The room is long, darkly lit and sporting the invaluable reek of spilled wine and thyme (a smell I would pay to have sold in aerosol form, so that i might spray it around my house when I feel low). “

“Rich, steamin hot, ‘shroom studded beef bourguignon….the wine soaked meat dissolved on the molars, its taste lasting long and its bulk warming the insides as only a good stew can do.”

“I’ve always had a soft spot for restaurants like the Twisted Fork, so honestly served and unflinchingly disinterested in what’s cool or hot. It’s humble in an unstudied way, as if to argue that such concerns are irrelevant in hospitality, which they most certainly are.



By Alexandra Gill

“Stepping inside you will be enveloped in the glowing warmth of a long, narrow room with high-beamed ceilings, cozy red walls and rustic wood tables”

“Service is genuinely friendly, the all-BC wine and microbrew lists will make you feel good about supporting local suppliers”

“True to the name, the chef puts a few of his own unique twists on classic french comfort food”

“… twisted fork is the Miss Congeniality of new Vancouver restaurants.”



By Anya Levykh

“The food was too good, the room was too cozy, the prices uber-reasonable and that wall of pickled vegetables was just too darn interesting…”

“The tiny open kitchen was so zen that I had to check to see if anyone was actually working…”

“A lemon tart was the perfect palate cleanser, light, tart and more perfect pastry. A caramel Napoleon blew me away…”



“I had the lamb shank which came with grilled watermelon. I know that grilled watermelon sounds weird, but let me tell you, those people know what they’re doing…”

“for my first brunch, I had the scrambled eggs with asparagus. They were absolutely amazing. I have never tasted scrambled eggs like that before! truly heavenly…”

“the service is great and the staff is very personal. I really enjoy the little details like the twisted forks on their clipboard menus and how they make their own bread. As well, bottles of wine on Mondays are half price =)  I must say that twisted fork is now one of my favourite restaurants in the city…”

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